Volunteer Opportunities

There is NO limit to how many different ways in which you can volunteer and support the chorus.  Here are some volunteer examples:

Sign-in Table at Rehearsals:  CCW volunteers cover the sign-in table at weekly rehearsals on a rotating schedule, and provide supervision in the hallways during rehearsal hours, so that all of our students are accounted for at all times.

Late pick-up Supervision after Rehearsals:  Volunteers who can stay 5-10 minutes after rehearsal sessions often sign up for the “late pick-up,” so that students whose volunteers run a few minutes late to pick up their children have adult supervision until they are picked up.

CCW Concert Volunteers:  CCW concerts are the major highlights of our chorus season, and the CCW staff could use as much volunteer support as possible to manage all the ensembles on a tight schedule and hundreds of patrons who deserve the best choral experience.  Volunteers have lots of fun working together to assist patrons and supervise chorus members backstage, which gives you direct access to the excitement of a live concert.

Chaperones for Tours and Trips:  Tours and trips are one of the highlights for our chorus ensembles (Concert Chorus, Young Men’s Ensemble, Bel Canto Chorus).  Depending on the tour program, CCW parents are encouraged to sign up as tour chaperones to take a leadership role that ensures a fulfilling experience for the students.  In addition, only when available, CCW families are invited to participate in tours as “family tour participants” who travel alongside the chorus and enjoy unique performances on the tour route.

Administrative Tasks in CCW Offices:  While music rehearsals and performances are the most visible activities, many hours of administrative work is handled by CCW staff each week.  From preparing/filing music to simple data entry, we always have a “to-do-list” for volunteers who can spend a few hours in the office to help us out.

Provide professional skills/service to support CCW:  As a small nonprofit organization with many operational needs and limited resources, we invite chorus volunteers whose professional skills could support and advance CCW to work with us.  Whether it’s your professional affiliation, expertise, or resources, we would love to find a way to get you involved!