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Choral Teacher Workshop

Children’s Chorus of Washington presented its 3rd annual choral teacher workshop for local music teachers last May 2015. Under the chorus’ “Partners in Music” initiative,  this workshop helps enhance your choral instruction by covering topics suggested by teachers themselves.  The workshop was presented by CCW’s award-winning music faculty along with a demonstrating chorus provided by CCW.

Stay tuned for future workshop opportunities.

Workshop topics include:

–  Warm-up methods for your students

–  How to modify vowel sounds to produce choral blend

–  How to choose the best repertoire for your students

–  How to analyze repertoire to discover the most efficient pedagogical approach (rhythmic/melodic/harmonic challenge, etc)

–  How to approach young men’s changing/changed voices (techniques to support healthy growth of the instrument and build confidence in their new vocal range)

–  How to choose repertoire for middle school singers

–  A reading session during which you can explore songs of different genres (provided by CCW) and consult Joan Gregoryk on repertoire ideas specific to the teacher’s school/class.

We provide a Certificate of Completion with pertinent information required for various professional development credit opportunities in DCPS, MCPS, APSVA, FCPS, PGCPS, etc. 

Award-winning conductor and music educator Joan Gregoryk is one-of-a-kind in America today. Her life-long dedication to the education of children through choral singing is embodied in the vibrant and spirited performance program she leads with the Children’s Chorus of Washington, a legacy of unparalleled devotion not only to generations of Washington children and families but to the world of American arts and education.”

Doreen Rao, Author/Conductor/Master Teacher

With its nationally-recognized choral instruction technique proven over the last 18 years, CCW has begun Partners in Music initiative, which is designed to enhance choral music experience in classrooms.  The primary objective of Partners in Music is to serve the area music teachers by providing professional resources to enhance their choral teaching experience and their students’ singing experience.  We hope to empower music teachers through on-site workshops, music materials recommended specifically to the teacher/class/grade level, and seminars by renowned leaders in the children’s chorus industry.  By way of this professional development opportunity for teachers, CCW fosters relationships with the teachers, and help them stay inspired to teach music and reach for the highest level of choral excellence with their students.  In the current economic climate, Partners in Music initiative is also designed to re-energize music programs in financially challenged schools by putting choral singing back into classrooms.